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MBTI types for Team Masho - the edited version

I’ve made another post about this a while ago, but I figured out lots of mistakes in it as I found out more about MBTI, so I thought of fixing them!

Jin- ESFP - lives for fun and requires constant simulation, otherwise gets bored quite fast. Optimistic. Wants to make sure others are enjoying themselves (Fe) He dislikes it when things get tense, can act stubborn (like when his initial good mood is ruined and he decides not to fight first when Hiei and Genkai are trapped by Ruka). Takes decisions spontaneously without much thinking.

Touya- INFJ - The one who is most concerned with morals; he has a talent for expressing himself verbally, even though he’s generally quiet- notice his speech about the light. He generally sounds very poetic. He’s very concentrated and dedicated though (definitely J) He can be deeply touched by some well chosen words( what Kurama told him after their fight) His beliefs clash with Risho’s who has a colder, more goal-oriented way of thinking. 

Gama- xxTJ- I am thinking INTJ or ISTJ, but only going by the idea that if he was ENTJ or ESTJ he would’ve wanted to be in charge more, but he seems very obedient. I have no idea on this one, I’m really open to any kinds of ideas and headcanons. The only thing I can tell is that I definitely see Ni in him…..maybe INTJ?

RishoENTJ- calculated, analytical- when he insults others, he mostly points out them being impractical- he literally calls Touya a romantic- or their lack of intelligence. His first function is definitely Te. I first typed him as INTJ because he tends to sit back and observe, but Heidi made me notice how comfortable he feels giving orders. So most likely an extrovert.

Bakken-ESTP- Basically a really asshole-ish ESTP, imposes himself physically, bullies people, impulsive, insensitive, etc.


Ruka- ESFJ: probably enjoys being in the spotlight, charismatic and attractive, she can have a tendency to be controlling: like when he claims Jin is the type of guy who’s not into relationships and enjoys having fun with other guys instead, like he ”needs a woman to come and change him” She seems quite confident in her ability to do so.

Butajiri- I’d go with ESTx.


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